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Updated: October 21 2023

Please observe the following while you are on church premises, especially when either in the church or the social hall:


-Do not enter if you are sick or have a cough or fever or other flu or covid symptoms. If you are ill, you are excused from attendance at the Liturgy. 


-Face masks are available at the entrance to the church if you wish to use one.

-Hand sanitizer is also available at the entrance to the church.

-Keeping a reasonable distance from persons not of your household may also be helpful, especially during flu season.

-Sneeze and cough into a cloth/tissue or into the inside of your elbow. 

-The church restroom is equipped with a touch-less water faucet & soap dispenser, and touch-less paper towel dispenser.

- Again, if you feel sick, or were recently sick with a contagious illness, then out of charity for your brothers and sisters, and as a prudent measure for your own health, please do not come to church until fully recovered. We pray that you recover fully and soon!

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