Updated May 23, 2021

Currently various restrictions are being eased by the state and county, and California is supposed to "open up" on June 15. As guidance is published by the state and county, St Basil parish will evaluate the revisions. Hopefully we will soon have liturgies regularly inside the church. 


Please observe the following while you are on church premises:


-Do not enter if you are sick or have a cough or fever or other flu or covid-19 symptoms.


-Keep at least six feet from others.


-Wear a face covering/mask while you are here.

    Outdoor Liturgies/Holy Services

       - When you take your place, you may remove your mask if you are more than 6 feet away from   

        other people standing at your side, behind and in front of you. When passing by other people

        please wear a mask.

     Indoor Liturgies/Holy Services:

        - Please wear a mask while in the church temple. Remove it just before receiving Holy

       Communion, then put it back on.

       - Use the hand sanitizer when you enter.

       - Stand or sit in the spots where there are blue tape markers. They are set a little over 6 feet



Remove your masks just prior to receiving Holy Communion and put it on again after receiving.

-Sneeze and cough into a cloth/tissue or into the inside of your elbow.


-Do not shake hands or engage in physical contact.


-Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use the hand sanitizer provided in various visible places on our church campus.


As of Feb. 26, indoor worship has resumed in the Santa Clara County, with some restrictions.

Attendance up to 50% of the church capacity is permitted. At St. Basil's, attendance at indoor holy services is limited to 24 persons. However, due to social distancing requirements the actual total number may be less than 24. 

Divine Liturgies for Sundays and greater holy days may be viewed on our YouTube channel. 

-The parish hall is not yet open for gatherings.