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Saint Basil Church Classes Online  (Info Updated: 10/5/2022)
Both of our online classes are free of charge and may be viewed via Zoom. You will need the current session I.D. # and Password for each session. To be placed on our emailing list for these classes send an email to and under subject write St Basil Online Classes.
Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm - Presently online only
Reading and discussing various texts and themes from the Holy Scriptures. We discuss these texts in the light of the holy tradition of the Church.

We will resume classes on January 17, 2023. Continue on Christ's Sermon on the Mount. 


Thursday evenings at 7:00pm - Online only

Eastern Christian​ traditions of Liturgical and private prayer, theosis, Saints, etc.

We will resume classes on January 19, 2023. Series on the Byzantine Divine Liturgy. 

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