At this time there are no public Divine Liturgies or other public holy Services such as Vespers and Matins. Our Sunday and greater Holy Day Liturgies are usually recorded and placed on Youtube: 
St Basil Liturgical Services on YouTube 
HOLY MYSTERIES: Confession, Holy Communion & Unction of the Sick
- Catholics  properly prepared are welcome to come for Confession and Holy Communion at appointed times at our outdoor shrine.
- Holy Communion is given in the customary Byzantine manner. Holy Communion is not given in the hand.
- Communion is not distributed in an assembly, but you are welcome to approach as an individual or as a household/family unit on Sundays any time from 11:45am to 1:15pm, at our outdoor shrine, keeping at least six feet apart from anyone who might be arriving or leaving. 
If you need the Unction (Anointing) of the Sick, you should normally go to Confession first. 
Special precautions will be observed in how these sacramental mysteries are served during this time of pandemic. Please read the Pandemic Safety Protocols before coming to the church campus. 
ANOINTING OF THE SICK (The Mystery of Holy Unction)
If you or a loved one  are in need of the Anointing of the Sick, please contact Fr. Anthony at (408) 871-0919 or by email: If one is in the hospital there will be some restrictions at this time. Ask hospital personnel about their requirements for having a priest administer the holy Anointing. If one is at home, Father can make arrangements for a visit. You may also make an appointment to come to the church for the anointing. Special precautions will be observed during this time of pandemic (i.e. wearing mask, hand sanitizing).
CONFESSION - The Mystery of Repentance
If you wish to go to Confession, please come on Sundays, 11:45-1:15pm.
 At other times please call Father to set up a time for when you can come to the church. (Confessions are outdoors; both priest and penitent wearing masks and keeping 6 feet apart). If you wish, you may remain in your car for confession.
Please read the Pandemic Safety Protocols before coming to the church campus.


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