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The Theotokos: Our Perpetual Help

The holy icon of the Mother of God called "Perpetual Help" is of the Virgin of the Passion icon variety. This particular icon is now housed in Rome, Italy, in the Church of St. Alphonsus. This icon has its origin in Greece, (14 or 15th Century) and due to various providential circumstances, ended up in Rome. The icon depicts the Mother of God holding Christ as a young child, and also the Archangels Michael and Gabriel who are holding emblems of Christ's Passion: the Cross, the Lance, the Sponge. Christ looks at the angel holding the Cross and the Mother of God looks at us. She desires to embrace us in our needs as she embraces Christ our divine Savior.

The icon was given the title "Perpetual Help" due to the fact that many people received blessings and help in their needs when praying before it. In 1865 Pius IX, Pope of Rome, entrusted the icon to the custody of the Redemptorist Fathers. The Redemptorists have popularized the icon and devotion throughout the world. It is the most well known eastern icon in the Western Church. In the Western Church the commemoration of this icon is observed on June 27.

SIX DAY LAMP: If you wish to have a six-day candle lit for your special intentions you may do so by clicking on the following link to our parish online giving portal: The usual donation is $10.00.


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